The Custom Home
Building Process

Building the home of your dreams doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Our process is tried & true, refined over years of experience.

Step One

Decide on a house layout you love that has your wants and desires in it. Bring us your ideas. We will send them to our draftsman, and they will draw up a plan for you.

Step Two

We will have your plan drawn, pay the drafting fee, and bid the home for you. If we do not get the project, then you will reimburse us for the expense and the house plan will be yours. The cost of the house plan will be included in the price we give you for the turnkey bid.

Step Three

House plans are drafted and completed based on your wishes and desires.

Step Four

We will complete a detailed and thorough bid to present you, which includes a bid number and a detailed description of materials with all allowance amounts.

Step Five

Once we have all reached an agreement on pricing and details, you will go to the bank of your choice with the signed contract, specifications, and house plan to obtain a construction mortgage.

Step Six

Normally there is a 45-day turnaround for the bank to put the house plan out for appraisal, to complete the title work, and to sign the construction mortgage.

Step Seven

Once the construction mortgage is signed, the bank will notify us to proceed and begin construction. No work on the homesite can be started before the bank files this.

More Details

  • Typical construction takes anywhere from 6-10 months, depending on the size and difficulty of the home.
  • You need to make adequate living arrangements for the construction process.
  • Window (color and grid pattern) and front door selections are needed immediately as they are ordered during the appraisal and financing process.
  • Change orders cause construction delays. Pictures are always welcome.
  • All change orders are due and payable at the next draw request. These may or may not come from your construction loan.

Final Steps

You will be in charge of transitioning your construction loan from temporary into a permanent mortgage.

At the end of construction, we will submit a final draw. Once paid in full, a receipt will be sent to the banker. The warranty book, all house keys, and garage door openers will be given to you at final payment. A lien release will also be sent to the banker.

Utilities will then be transferred to the owner’s name. Homeowners insurance will need to be put in place and proof of insurance provided to the banker and builder. Builders risk insurance does not cover any personal belongings on a job site, and is voided the moment anything personal is put in the new house.

You can trust us with your home.

We realize it’s a major decision. For many, custom building their home is a once in a lifetime event. At Rucker Fine Homes, we will always endeavor to be good stewards of your time, money & resources.

We would be honored to help bring your vision to life.

Ready to begin?

The Jones

“Our building experience with Emily, Chapen and Whitney was amazing from the beginning through move in date!! Each of them have their own strengths and use those strengths together as a team to provide a pleasant”

Kyle & Shannon Wheeler

“As soon as we started staying here, it felt like home. The quality of work is awesome!”

The Clarks

“Our building experience with Emily Rucker was amazing! Everyone we worked with went above and beyond to help us create our dream home.”

The Grigsbys

“We absolutely love our new home! Rucker Fine Homes did an amazing job and Chapen was such a joy to work with.”

Bobby & Lee Ann Vick

“Normally, building a home is a very stressful and time consuming ordeal, but you and your team made it a pleasure.”

The Forsgrens

“The entire process from the beginning design to the final work has been a great experience. You were easy to talk to and very helpful.”

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